Thursday May 15, 2008 | Crime in Charlotte

May 14, 2008 at 9:27 am | Posted in On Air | 4 Comments

Charlotte’s rising rate of crime has been forefront in the news of late, and today we’ll look at the problem from a variety of angles.  We’ll be joined by a deputy chief from the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department, a criminal justice expert, a coummunity activist and more to talk about the challenges that our community deals with on several levels and what measures should and could be taken to lessen crime in Charlotte.
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  1. Keep the violent criminals, release the non-violent.

  2. Great show as usual this morning. With all respect, though, I feel like the shows where you cover crime issues usually lack a rounded perspective. The police and victims have important things to say, but they naturally see the issue from one side only. The public needs to hear some of the good things happening and the reasons that the results of criminal cases are sometimes less than satisfactory. It is often not an overloaded system or unconcerned people (as both the officer and victim asserted this morning). Please consider putting on someone from the criminal defense Bar to round out your excellent panels.

  3. Thank you Mike for your interest in this subject.
    As many others in Charlotte I have had terrible crime issues in our neighborhood.
    Prevention is the KEY, If you prevent the crime before it happens, You prevent Arrest, Victims, lawyers, DA’s, Court cases, Judges, Parol Officers, and Jails. Everytime I hear a community Brag about their NEW Jail being built, I feel “how sad”, they have little or no protection or Prevention by the Police.
    More Police = less crime it is SIMPLE MATH,
    Prevention is the Key.
    Best regards… Woodrow

  4. man, mike is late to this game. I remember an episode last year where he went on about community perceptions of rising crime. he completely slighted the problem then. So now he’s onboard with the rehabilitation aspect instead of taking the hardline with hardened criminals which is the tried and true ever since societies began. What scares me is just how bad crime must be to force wfae to do just this type of show acknowledging a problem at all. Tera Servatius has been reporting blooming crime rates for a few years now. This isn’t a bread and butter left-of-center issue for wfae, so they’ve neglected this topic. Or worse yet, glossed over the problem by telling everyone that we just have a perception of crime. shameful.

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