Wednesday May 14, 2008 | Economy: Perception vs. Reality

May 13, 2008 at 3:47 pm | Posted in On Air | 4 Comments

The perception of the economy, even among experts, varies wildly these days.  While some paint a gloomy picture, others say that the economy is holding up well through particularly difficult times.  Our panel of experts weigh in on economic reality versus perception in conjunction with the eight-part WFAE News series, Faces of Charlotte’s Economy.

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  1. since the economy affects so many people why do so many people have so little understanding of the economy? even our presidential canidates come up with ideas to help our economy that clearly are ideas to make things worse quickly. should we not be teaching economic classes to students at an age younger than college perhaps as early as middle school or freshmen year of Highschool so that by the time they can enter the work force and affect the economy they can actually understand it?

  2. I am all impressed with your guests and their credentials. I can’t argue the facts with them. What I can tell them is that when gas and food costs have skyrocketed and wages haven’t kept up, you gentlemen are not living in reality. You guys need to get a 3% raise (at most) and then try to fill the gas tank and buy food for the family. I am not an economist but an accountant. I am here in the real world and the math doesn’t work. The media is NOT causing this!

  3. im sry i liked the guest until he said bernenki knew what he was doing

  4. god bless John Connaughton for giving mike a bit of perspective. mike has often charged that we ‘don’t manufacture’ in America anymore. John corrected him and then Mike did it again a minute later and John corrected him a second time. yes, I know the line is the theme of the show was ‘economic perceptions’ but the perceptions are out there because Mike constantly blows these perceptions over the airways. This is how NPR constantly manages the news. It’s ironic that the show fights the dower economic perceptions that they themselves have created, non-stop for six years. The ultimate irony is that WFAE is in the service sector industry but constantly derides this sector as somehow not as viable or important as manufacturing.

    I suppose it will not be long before Mike gets back on point of reinforcing terrible economic forecasts.

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