Friday May 9, 2008 | Henry Cisneros

May 8, 2008 at 4:44 pm | Posted in On Air | 1 Comment

Henry CisnerosFormer HUD Secretary Henry Cisneros joins us today.  The San Antonio native led a long career in public life that includes several distinctions, among those being the youngest person to be elected to San Antonio’s City Council at 26 and the first person of Hispanic descent to be elected mayor of a large American city.  He served under President Bill Clinton as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development but left office in the midst of a controversy.  We’ll talk with Cisneros about his long career in public service and what he’s doing now, including his work with Charlotte’s Community Link organization.

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  1. Homeless people could be taught how to build homes and shelters. This would give them a skill, a job, and a home.
    I would suggest teaching them to build safe, geodesic homes, as they will prove increasingly useful as the weather gets worse and worse.
    Once-homeless people will then become heroes, as they rush to provide shelter for our next Katrina victims.

    I will do this if no one else will. Maybe I’ll do it anyway…


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