Friday April 18, 2008 | Bilingual Education

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Flickr/SergioOur region is growing more diverse, with a multitude of languages spoken every day on our city streets.  Public resources for bilingual education are on the rise.  And dual language immersion academies are becoming more popular at CMS.  Studies say that bilingual kids are at an academic advantage.  We’ll look at the emergence of a bilingual generation in America, and the politics of promoting cultural diversity in our country. 

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Thursday April 17, 2008 | Open Phones

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Today, we open the phones, email and blog comments to the listeners to hear what you want to discuss.  Topics could include, but certainly aren’t limited to, the rising water rates, rising crime in our region, the state of the Bobcats, the upcoming presidential primary in North Carolina, and  Pat McCrory in the governor’s race.  You pick your topic and call, email or blog.

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Wednesday April 16, 2008 | CMS School Board

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Today, we talk with members of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools Board of Education.  We’ll discuss what they do and how the CMS Board works.  Ask your questions of the Board members in the comments below.

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Tuesday April 15, 2008 | Wicked

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wickedA split show on this edition of Charlotte Talks, first we’ll meet two of the cast members on the US Tour of the Broadway hit Wicked. The show landed in Charlotte last week to sold out crowds. We’ll talk about how this story of the Witches of Oz came to be and about the concept of “looking at things in another way”.


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Monday April 14, 2008 | Father George Coyne

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Today, Mike Collins is joined by Father George Coyne, the Director of the Observatory at the Vatican in Rome.  Coyne is an internationally known astronomer and speaker who believes science and religion are not in conflict; in fact, he says that science reflects God’s “infinite purpose.”  Join us for the conversation.

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Friday April 11, 2008 | Ambassador Afif Safieh

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On this edition of Charlotte Talks with Mike Collins, it’s a conversation with Palestinian Ambassador to the U.S. Afif Safieh.  He’s in town to speak about the 60th Anniversary of Al Nakba, or the 1948 Palestinian Exodus.  We’ll talk about what that experience meant for his family and for Palestinians.  Then we’ll move to present time and explore the situration in Israel now, discuss U.S. / Arab relations, and more.


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Thursday April 10, 2008 | Urban Growth

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Dr. Roger White, a geography professor at Memorial University in St. John’s, Newfoundland, has created a unique way to predict, and modify, growth in urban regions.  His computer models can help city planners understand development patterns in Mecklenburg County and beyond.  With open land disappearing rapidly in our county, research such as Dr. White’s is increasingly important for efforts to understand development, and to possibly make it more efficient and more ethical.

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Wednesday April 9, 2008 | Spraying for Cankerworms

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The City of Charlotte plans to spray up to 70,000 acres of our tree canopy with a pesticide aimed at controlling the cankerworm population.  No one debates the devastating effects of the cankerworm on our region’s trees, but there are questions about how to best deal with them.  We’ll learn about the city’s spraying campaign, the pesticide in use and more about what cankerworms do.
Don McSween – City of Charlotte Arborist
Dr. Larry Mellichamp – Professor of Botany, UNC Charlotte 

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Tuesday April 8, 2008 | The Physics of NASCAR

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Diandra Leslie-Pelecky is a physicist and author of the recent book, The Physics of NASCAR: How to Make Steel + Gas + Rubber = Speed She joins us on Charlotte Talks with Mike Collins to talk about how she became fascinated with NASCAR through her professional expertise and we’ll talk about some of the physics involved in stock car racing – two things you might not think go together!

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Monday April 7, 2008 | Ira Flatow

April 4, 2008 at 1:23 pm | Posted in On Air | 4 Comments

Carl Flatow 1997Ira Flatow, host of NPR’s Talk of the Nation Science Friday, will be on the show during this edition of Charlotte Talks with Mike Collins.  We’ll talk about science education and getting the general public interested in science.  We’ll also be joined by two local science experts who work towards getting Charlotteans interested in science.



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