Friday May 2, 2008 | North Carolina Primary

April 30, 2008 at 12:54 pm | Posted in On Air | 3 Comments

For the first time in decades, voters in North Carolina could have a major impact on the nomination of a presidential candidate. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama bring their close battle to the Tarheel state, but there are other compelling races, as well, including the governor’s race, lieutenant governor, and some senate seats. We’ll take a look at some of these races and get some predictions from our panel.
Scott Huffmon – Assistant Professor, Political Science Department, Winthrop University
Martha Kropf – Assistant Professor, Political Science Department, UNC Charlotte
Rob Christensen – Political Reporter, Raleigh News and Observer; Author, “Tarheel Politics”

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  1. Just thought I’d share this:
    John Edwards’ campaign manager, Joe Trippi, now wishes he had not allowed Edwards to drop out.

    Edwards was the thought leader of the three, and now no new issues seem to be forthcoming. Instead we get Bosnian non-violence and Reverend Wright.

    BTW…Obama is in town today.

  2. I don’t get the problem with the Wright comments, while we are quiet for obvious reason there are alot of people who agree with Pastor Wright, especially African Americans and many youbg white liberals.
    But thats beside the point, the fact is we are criticizing a pastor for saying something without evidence which is fundamentaly rediculous, thats all they say on sunday. If white voters use this to bail out on Barack I will be voting republican, just to stick it to Hillary Clinton.

  3. For all the negative campaigning she dragged barrack into

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