Thursday April 24, 2008 | Dream People of the Amazon

April 22, 2008 at 1:25 pm | Posted in On Air | 2 Comments

We’ll be joined by Larry Lansburgh on this edition of Charlotte Talks with Mike Collins.  Lansburgh is an Academy Award nominated and Emmy Award winning director whose most recent project has changed his outlook and inspired him to speak publicly about the group of indigenous people the film focused on.  His documentary “Dream People of the Amazon”  follows the Achuar people, who live in a part of the Amazon rain forest that is as pristive today as it was a thousand years ago.  The documentary follows the Achuar as they work to save their land from oil operations who are desperate for the oil under their territory.  We’ll talk about the Achuar, the rain forest, and the situation there today.

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  1. I wondered if Mr. Lansburgh was familiar with the work of the late Richard Schultes. His talks about the Amazon were among the most eye-opening and insightful I have seen and heard.

    If he does know of him, could he speak briefly on this great medicine man/scholar/adventurer?

  2. I am the Jack Martin who declined my average Joe spot after an extended exchange with Wendy, and being mistakenly identified as a nuisance caller (9/11 issues) to Charlotte Talks. I just want to say that if I subconsciously harbored any resentment or puzzlement over our misunderstanding that today’s presentation by Larry Lansburgh abour his film “Dream People of the Amazon” has completely erased any such a mental impression. I have always identified with Mike’s POV, even when he worked in commercial radio, and appreciate his broad-minded maturity. This morning Mike’s masterful mediation provided needed insight to our area about indigenous rights and our ecological predicament. I wish I could send the whole team there at Charlotte Talks an award of bright and cheerful Achuar t-shirts. I will be showing Larry’s film at Beret Co-op, Dallas, N.C. in the near future thanks to your production team’s choice of subject matter. I heard this show live, though I usually follow your work through the archives. The Palestiian abbassador show was excellent too (played it this afternoon). My best to you all at WFAE.

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