Friday April 25, 2008 | Access to Healthcare

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The Mecklenburg County Health Department is hosting the 3rd Annual Public Health Forum today, with the topic “Beyond Access to Care:  Communities Engaged in Appropriate Care.”    Dr. Gloria WilderBrathwaite, medical director for the DC area Children’s Hopital, will join us on the program along with a panel of experts to talk about how appropriate care available to the public who need it ahs directly impacted their communities. 

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Thursday April 24, 2008 | Dream People of the Amazon

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We’ll be joined by Larry Lansburgh on this edition of Charlotte Talks with Mike Collins.  Lansburgh is an Academy Award nominated and Emmy Award winning director whose most recent project has changed his outlook and inspired him to speak publicly about the group of indigenous people the film focused on.  His documentary “Dream People of the Amazon”  follows the Achuar people, who live in a part of the Amazon rain forest that is as pristive today as it was a thousand years ago.  The documentary follows the Achuar as they work to save their land from oil operations who are desperate for the oil under their territory.  We’ll talk about the Achuar, the rain forest, and the situation there today.

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Wednesday April 23, 2008 | Open Phones

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It’s a special edition of open phones today.  What do you think about the outcome of the PA primary election?  What are your thoughts on the upcoming primary in NC?

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Tuesday April 22, 2008 | French Ambassador Pierre Vimont

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Mike Collins is back in the studio for an interview with French Ambassador Pierre Vimont. The Ambassador is in town to speak to the World Affairs Council of Charlotte, but first, he’ll join us to discuss the long relationship between America and France, recent tensions between the two countries because of the war in Iraq, and we’ll discuss the future of American ties with France through economy, politics and more.

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