Friday April 18, 2008 | Bilingual Education

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Flickr/SergioOur region is growing more diverse, with a multitude of languages spoken every day on our city streets.  Public resources for bilingual education are on the rise.  And dual language immersion academies are becoming more popular at CMS.  Studies say that bilingual kids are at an academic advantage.  We’ll look at the emergence of a bilingual generation in America, and the politics of promoting cultural diversity in our country. 

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  1. Why has Castle Park Elementary in Chula Vista had 11 principals in 11 years?

    Because of the bilingual program. And because past is prologue.

    The serious problems at Castle Park Elementary started when the bilingual program was introduced in 1994. Many teachers were furious, and took out their anger on the single bilingual teacher who came that year to teach kindergarten. The result? She was dismissed at the end of the year by a district whose policy is to not make any effort to determine why a teacher has been targeted for dismissal; district administrators allow school politics to make those decisions.)

    The bilingual program added a teacher a year until it had a final total of four bilingual teachers in September 1997.

    The program was sagotaged by the many teachers who refused to allow bilingual classes into their teaming arrangements.

    Rae Correira, a district administrator who tried to arrange teaming in the 1997-1998 school year was suddenly transferred to a different job in the middle of the year.

    The teachers ran the school. The principal did exactly what teacher leaders told her to do. And that included dismissing another bilingual teacher in 2001 (the dismissal was initiated the day after she filed 3 grievances).

    It’s June 2008 now, and the teachers have just gotten rid of their 11th principal since the bilingual program started. The twelfth principal in fourteen years will be chosen soon.

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