Thursday April 17, 2008 | Open Phones

April 16, 2008 at 4:05 pm | Posted in On Air | 6 Comments

Today, we open the phones, email and blog comments to the listeners to hear what you want to discuss.  Topics could include, but certainly aren’t limited to, the rising water rates, rising crime in our region, the state of the Bobcats, the upcoming presidential primary in North Carolina, and  Pat McCrory in the governor’s race.  You pick your topic and call, email or blog.

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  1. Obama’s comments about people clinging to religion and guns were right on the mark! He messed up when he backtracked, probably because some consultants told him to, and tried to change what he said. He almost had my vote until he backtracked.

    Regarding elitism, it’s nothing more than a long standing symptom of America’s disdain for education!

  2. I think it’s important to emphasize that not ALL kids are trying to be “gangstas”. Although I’m not from the area, I have plenty of friends who don’t necessarily want to be president of the bank or the country but don’t want to be career criminals either. What kids want to be when they grow up has to do with parents, schools, and crime problems.

    I listen nearly exclusively to hip-hop, but I’ve never really got a desire to rob, carjack, sell drugs, or murder someone. Maybe I’m an anomaly, but hey.

  3. Bob Johnson’s team is not going to make it in Charlotte because citizens here put principle over professional sports. I know its hard to believe a statement like this in Charlotte but I think many people in this city voted against corporate welfare when the arena referendum occurred, and were so frustrated that the thing got built anyway, that they made a personal vow NEVER to set foot in the place. Bob Johnson can whine all he wants to about attendance. He will receive NO sympathy from this very large group of voters. Unfortunately, when the Bobcats defect, this city is going to be left with a 300 million dollar note to pay on this rather small, not very versatile facility. I hope the voters of North Carolina learn about Pat McCrory’s complicity in this and vote accordingly. And BTW, I have always lived in the center city and I am a big supporter of uptown and a vibrant and viable center city. The problem here is this… Don’t go against the popular vote. When a politician does this, they may end up carrying the baggage of their decision for a long time…


  4. ABC’s Democratic Debate was a sham.
    I wonder…can you burn a flagpin?

  5. Re: Bear Stearns

    The media and others talking about the Bear Stearns “bail out” are reporting inaccurately. If there is a “bail out” going on, it is of the US Financial Markets and large financial institutions at the expense of Bear Stearns. Bear Stearns will cease to exist once the purchase is complete, and since JPMorgan is only interested in a small part of Bear’s business, thousands of people will probably be looking for new jobs. While Bear’s former CEO James Cayne deserves no sympathy for his billion dollar furtune being reduced to a “mere” $65 million, we shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that Bear’s secretaries, admin support staff and lower-paid employees are effectively broke. Doesn’t sound like much of a bail out to me.

  6. Thank you, Mike, for raising the question, “Why is Barak Obama black?” Your question is certainly NOT politically incorrect, but rather a rhetorical question that demands a simple and obvious answer. Obama is not black; he is bi-racial.

    Returning after many years of living overseas, I have been surprised at how little progress our country has made in reconciling racial tensions. However, in following closely the current political campaign, I am encouraged and feel very proud of our society that is capable of recognizing that it has been responsible for one of the most nefarious governments in our history, and changing our attitudes in order to elect the best leader, whether that be a white woman, white man, or a bi-racial (and thus a minority) man.

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