Friday April 4, 2008 | Autism

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Chris Clackum is in for Mike Collins today.  Every 20 minutes, another child is diagnosed with autism, a complex brain disorder that inhibits a person’s ability to communicate and develop social relationships, and is often accompanied by extreme behavioral challenges.  Today, we meet representatives from two local groups, Autism Speaks and the Autism Society of North Carolina to talk about how the disorder affects families of individuals with autism, what the disorder is and how it’s caused, and about new research done here in North Carolina that may help us understand and treat autism.
Michelle PreslarAutism Speaks
Nancy Popkin – Parent Advocate with the Autism Society of North Carolina and parent of a child with autism.

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  1. Autism has been flourishing since 2000. Cell phones have been flourishing since 2000. Cell phones emit microwaves. Microwaves affect the brain and the fetus. I think there are some new questions to ask for Autism Day.

    Try putting cell phones and microwaves into google. Try putting microwaves and autism in. Search on YouTube. It will make you sick.

    Microwaves are not only emitted by cell phones, but also by cell towers. They make our wireless internet possible. We are all paying.

  2. I’m very disappointed in your autism show thus far.

    First of all, current research is showing everyday that autism is more than a brain disorder, but a multi-system MEDICAL disorder that effects the gut and immune function as well. Healing the gut through diet, nutritional supplement, etc. can make an enormous difference. I’d like to hear some talk about the success people are having in recovery their children through biomedical intervention.

    Second, the doctor was incorrect in her statements about mercury. Children we still receiving shots containing mercury well into 2003 (the vaccines with mercury weren’t recalled, they just stopped making them in 2001). And pregnant women are still getting flu shots with mercury TODAY. And replacing mercury with another toxic compound, aluminum isn’t a solution.

    Jack Russell, parent of 2 Asperger’s children, successfully recovering with biomedical intervention.

  3. According to research the ratio of autism in boys to girls is 4:1
    Aspergers ration is 4 or 5 boys to every girl.

    I have a daughter in middle school who I highly suspect has Aspergers.
    There are many social groups for boys with Aspergers, however I can’t find any social networks or groups for girls in middle school.
    In your circle of parents, what ratio do you see of boys to girls with Aspergers?

  4. I just wonder if there has been studies of those who do NOT have autism. Such as: breastfed babies who never consume formulas created in a lab somewhere, countries without mandatory vaccine requirements, children who do not eat processed food,etc. Maybe looking at what goes into the bodies of those who do not have Autism can tell us somethng. Can possible cause correlations be made through the process of elimination in this way?

  5. Great Job Nancy! I would like to express my personal appreciation for having Nancy tell her story so well. She and Kim are doing a great job in the 9 counties that she supports as all advocacy parent educators throughout NC with the Autism Society. We, at ECAC work jointly with Nancy and Kim and all ASNC advocates.

    The agency that I represent is ECAC, Exceptional Children’s Assistance Center. We are a non-profit state agency that educate parents throughout North Carolina who have children with Autism as well as ALL disabilities to maneuver their way through the special education process. All our services are FREE to parents. We support the parents through a toll-free hotline 1 – 800-962-6817 and will speak to parents and send them more information by mail just by calling us or go to our website

    We also have a Lending Library for books and videos that can be accessed online, so parents do not have to pay for reading materials on Autism.

    I am the mother of an adult son, who has HFA and was educated in an inclusive classroom as well, but it was not always easy. It takes commitment, dedication, and training for parents to help schools understand who their individual child is.
    Parents are the first educators of their child and they are part of the school team in meeting their child’s individualized education.

    The Federal Law, IDEA 2004 requires every state to have a Parent Training and Information Center. ECAC is the one in North Carolina. Parents can call us for assistance too.

    Thanks again for keeping the community and mostly parents informed.

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