Thursday April 3, 2008 | Go Green … At Home

April 2, 2008 at 3:44 pm | Posted in On Air | 4 Comments

Chris Clackum is in for Mike Collins today.  There’s an exhibition coming to Charlotte in a couple of weeks the will offer ALL of us more tips on how to “Go Green…at Home.”  But we’ll tackle that topic on today’s program.  We’ll have some easy and affordable ideas aimed at making your humble abode more environmentally friendly – and there are some ideas you may have missed!  Tune in for some green tips and share your own.
Erin Culbert – Charlotte Mecklenburg Utilities
Sterling Bowen – Energy saver guru
Lisa Zerkle – Master composter

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  1. Can you please provide us with specific information about how to access the Urban Cost Share Grant for rain capture systems.


    Jonathan Catherman

  2. Lisa Zerkle said that water is grossly under priced. What is the “real price” acquiring, treating, and pumping a gallon of water to a home? I had always assumed that I was paying the “real price” for water like I pay for energy.

  3. I have been switching over to CFL’s through my home, and one comment would be to tell people that they don’t work well in enclosed lights (ceiling lights in my case). I replaced the same light at least 2 or 3 times, before finally going back to a traditional bulb.

  4. Here’s the link for the Urban Cost Share Program:

    It will also come up if you google “urban cost share”

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