Urban Wildlife

March 17, 2008 at 2:56 pm | Posted in On Air | 5 Comments

Tuesday, March 18, we examine the urban habitat of Charlotte-Mecklenburg that is home to a surprisingly diverse wildlife population.  How these animals have adapted to an increasingly urban habitat may surprise you.  Experts join us to talk about some of the animals that make the city of Charlotte home.


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  1. Hello…Disappointed I missed the show today. But I had a question and a concern.

    This year I have noticed that birds are flying into my parked cars and flying into the sideview mirrors and pooping and dirtying my mirrors. I have tried to scare them away but no luck…and its getting out of hand. It seems like the birds are either humming birds or cardinals…..they are red.

    And I did not know where to get an answer of how can I deter them?? Any help?

  2. Hummingbirds aren’t here yet (not till about April 15th). They could be cardinals, our state bird. How terrible our beautiful songbirds are inconveniencing you. Maybe one day they’ll all be gone and then you can complain about something else.

  3. Seems there is much interest in creating backyard habitats for wildlife and birds.
    This is a wonderful idea.
    At the same time remember that domestic cats kill many small birds and animals, so keep them indoors for their health and the wildlife’s.
    Yes, your sweet little kitty does turn into a lion, especially at night.

  4. I did not realize, until last weekend, when I was utilizing a local running trail, that there are quite a few deer present in the center of Charlotte. I witnessed a young woman strike a deer with her car on Pineville-Matthews, a local through-way in the city. Does anyone know if there is an organization that will remove these animals to a safer habitat? I feel horrible because as we develop into their woodland areas, we are putting these animals at-risk because they pass through high traffic areas.

  5. I have pondered this, and asked this of many experts, including Courtney Humphries author of “Superdove”, with unsatisfying results.

    Maybe you know?

    What happens to the bodies of ALL the deceased small urban wildlife? Pigeons, mice, rats, squirrels, stray cats and dogs, etc ?

    After centuries of living in cities, like New York—-> WHERE are their Hundreds of Thousands plus of little urban wildlife carcasses?

    They can’t ALL be buried in nests and/or trees?   They surely don’t ALL get eaten by wolves, owls or buzzards (few of which are actually visibly in a major CITY).

    I know that biological deterioration and natural decay happens, but it does NOT happen ‘overnight’, so one would think that you would see urban wildlife in various stages of decay…. But; You Don’t! Not even Hiking in the woods and forests in the areas AROUND a major city!

    No one I ask knows for sure? Do you?   

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