Bullying in Schools

March 10, 2008 at 8:05 am | Posted in On Air | 7 Comments

school bullyCMS superintendent Dr. Peter Gorman has introduced a new policy to reduce bullying in schools. Opponents say that enough policies are in place, but that CMS doesn’t adequately enforce them. We’ll look at the issue of bullying and what schools across the country are doing to address it.
Dr. Peter Gorman – Superintendent, Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools

Kaye McGarry – Member At-Large, Board of Education
Dr. Ed Wierzalis – Asst. Professor, Counseling at UNC Charlotte
Judy Seldin-Cohen – Board Chair, Time Out Youth



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  1. Will you please address the parents who support bullying? Sometimes parents were bullies as kids and now support this behavior in their child.

    Susan in Morganton

  2. Additionally, I would say that the problem with naming groups may still leave out somebody in the compromise(for example the rich, fashionably dressed, smart white kid. Not generally thought of as a group who is in need of protection, but I can imagine that there are environments in which these kids may be at risk of bullying.) The policy doesn’t need more groups added to it. It needs teachers and administrators who are courageous enough to MODEL FOR CHILDREN how to deal with bullying by not tolerating it. I also believe that bullying can be stopped without making a judgement on the lifestyles of other students.

  3. Kaye McGarry danced around the direct question about whether she opposed this policy because it specifically addresses bullying for sexual orientation. It was clear to me that is her main issue. She couldn’t say yes or no when asked, but made a statement every time regarding including everyone, never answered the question. Made me of the opinion she is anti-homosexual. She kept saying people want to teach their children the way they want them to believe.

    Well, people are – and they are teaching their children hate in the guise of religion.

    I am a heterosexal, married, grandmother, and was raised Lutheran (still am).I believe homosexuality is not “natural”. However, I also believe it is a biological aberration.

    Nowhere in the 10 Commandments God gave Moses did he say “Thou shalt not be homosexual.” Yes, God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for their sinfulness – but he didn’t just choose the homosexuals, he went after the entire population of both cities – ALL the sinners.

    I am a sinner, as I believe we all are. It is not for me to judge anyone else’s sin. It is God’s place. Oh, you say, what about murderers? I’m not addressing anti-societial behavior — that’s a different subject.

    We should hate the sin, not the sinner. Jesus ate with, spent time with, lived with sinners. Sinners are who he came to us to save. What would Jesus do? Love one another as I have loved you. That’s what he wants us to do. All those “good Christians” who tout religion as their righteous armor need to get the polish out and remove the tarnish that’s built up. God is watching.

    We need to protect all students, we need to give teachers, counselors and administrators a strong, definitive policy to point to and say, WE MUST DO THIS! We need to give those students who speak up about about being bullied a way to get the help they need with a policy to point to and say, YOU MUST DO THIS FOR ME!

  4. Unfortunately there are teachers that call students faggot and gay in front of the whole class. There are also security guards that tell students that they perceive as gay that they need Jesus.
    This harrassment is not just towards the gay students but those that are perceived as gay because they do not play sports, are soft spoken or not as feminine or masculine as others think they should be.
    Keep in mind the 15 year old that was murdered by a class mate because he gave him a valentines card. I can pretty much guarntee the card was given discreetly and if the other child was not taught hate by adults and his peers he probably would have just said “I don’t date guys” and that would have been the end of it.

  5. My daughter has experienced bullying because of her sexual orientation and has met her share of teachers who will not step in because they disagree with her “choice of lifestyle” (as they choose to characterize it). Drawing from her experience in high school, the teachers who wish to protect homosexual students will do so with or without a specific policy. They are not the problem. The problem is those teachers who will not address it unless they are compelled to do so by specific policy that names protected groups explicitly. Believe me, they are out there.

  6. I can’t believe that there are people in this community, much less School Board Members that think that an anti-bullying policy will “encourage homosexuality.”
    Is this 1955 in Mayberry?
    Do you think it’s ok to “beat the gay out of people?”
    I am embarassed to be a part of such a backwards community.
    I have lived in NC my whole life and always get mad when people make fun of NC and the south… It’s this kind of ridiculous debate and behavior in 2008 that gives people a valid reason to mock NC and the south.




    If your child is bullied, or if you are a student who is bullied, STOP CRYING, GET A VIDEO CAMERA/CAMCORDER AND A FRIEND TO RUN IT, AND HAVE YOUR LAWYERS PHONE NUMBER HANDY!
    1. GO TO SCHOOL.

    After a few of these settlements we’ll see how long Kaye McGarry keeps her mouth running and her job.

    Thank you Dr. Peter Gorman – Superintendent, Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools, for taking this issue on. You are to be applauded.

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