The Last Dropout

March 6, 2008 at 5:01 pm | Posted in On Air | 4 Comments

Friday, we discuss the high student dropout rate that continues to impact school systems across the country.  Communities in Schools founder Bill Milliken has written a book about this epidemic, as he calls it.  We’ll talk to Milliken about the impact on schools, families, and society when kids dropout of school.



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  1. Understanding is knowledge intentionally learned.
    Kids that intend to learn…will. Creating a society of test-takers is not enough, and will eventually come back to haunt us. Portfolios, blogs, essays, and such are a better way to witness the growth in the student’s educational, and societal evolution.

    You cannot bore someone into buying your product.

  2. Would CIS consider spending money on Advertizing in order to get the message out faster and recruit more support in the community? I know that there will always be a concern about how scarce dollars are spent but it works.

  3. MrWondrous wrote:

    > You cannot bore someone into buying your product.

    Actually, David Ogilvy, the great ad man, wrote that line, probably in the sixties. And if I remember right (???), it’s in his book OGILVY ON ADVERTISING.

    I think the original was more like, “You cannot bore the consumer into buying your product.”

  4. Right you are! I found it more expedient to use paraphrasis, thatn to look up the actual quote…which I believe you stated correctly.
    I’ve read all of Ogilvy’s major books, and several of his recommends, like Hopkins, Caples, and such.

    I have found that the phrase find many homes.

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