Memory Loss

March 5, 2008 at 2:49 pm | Posted in On Air | 3 Comments

Thursday, March 6, we’ll talk about memory.  Why do we forget what we ate for dinner last night but can remember an event from 20 years ago?  Why do some people begin to forget events and items and some people remember every detail perfectly? If we can’t remember things, at what point should we begin to worry about Alzheimers and other forms of dementia?  Join this conversation about memory and memory loss.



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  1. My wife’s mother’s family all lived into their 90’s but all sufferd from alzheimer’s, living 2-3 years after onset. It was very tough on the caregivers, their children. Please offer a comment of support for all the caregivers do in caring for their parents.

    My questions is about puzzles – soduk, corssword, etc – I read spending time on these activities helped to keep the mind sharp? Does the panel agree?

  2. My day begins with your great programs. Thanks you for the interesting, informative shows. I am with you from 8 until 12 every weekday and even later on some days.

    Today’s program on Memory was of particular interest. I am a retired RN. My friends and I frequently discuss if we are “losing it”, justify slipping memory as part of aging or if we should be concerned.
    Unfortunately, I missed most of the show due to a previous commitment. Any chance of a rerun, copy we could get to get the whole story. I would appreciate any info you can give me.

    Thanks again for your great programs. Joan

  3. All of our shows are available on our website for online listening for 60 days. You can find it in our archives.

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