Generational Racism

February 28, 2008 at 3:45 pm | Posted in On Air | 2 Comments

Chuck UnderwoodFriday, February 29, guest host Chris Clackum interviews Chuck Underwood, author of “Generational Imperative.”  In his book, Mr. Underwood examines the 5 generations of the 20th century.  He contends that these generations have been instrumental in dealing with, and largely overcoming, racism.
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  1. How can the baby boomers take credit for the big achievements in civil rights during the sixties? The oldest of us boomers are just now turning 60. We were not adults during the March on Washington, the passage of the Civil Rights Bill, etc. The people who I knew who fought for these things were a lot older than we were. MLK was not a baby boomer!

  2. Wow did Mr. Underwood get it wrong with reference to Gen X. I’m 32, so on the youngish end of the range Mr. Underwood cited during the program, but my friends are scattered throughout the country and throughout the age range. We are, as a group, FAR more active politically than the younger generation.

    I returned to university for a master’s degree last year, and most of the students in my classes are 10+ years younger than I am. They couldn’t begin to tell you what’s going on in the world outside their own windows. For example, a junior in one of my history classes had to ask the professor to define what he meant by “liberal” and “conservative.” I nearly fell out of my chair! It’s the people who are in their 30’s, like me, who are glued to their radios and Web connections following the presidential race. It’s the 30-somethings who are volunteering to campaign for their favorite candidates. We are NOT as a group all apathetic as Mr. Underwood would have the audience believe!

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