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February 18, 2008 at 2:44 pm | Posted in On Air | 6 Comments
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Trying to dispel the myth that Charlotte’s music scene is bleak, Creative Loafing’s music editor Jeffrey Hahne has compiled a CD featuring groups from around Charlotte.  Tuesday, February 19, Hahne joins us to talk about the project and play some of the music for us.  Be sure to tune in and maybe discover a new favorite local band.
What do you think about the area’s music scene?  Who’s your favorite Charlotte band?  Where’s the best place to hear live, local music?



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  1. I must admit the music scene is growing here in Charlotte. I see that the alternative rock has a large presence but R&B music doesn’t. Lets remember to not get R&B confused with Rap/Hip Hop. There is a spot on Albermarle Rd (across from the Red Lobster) that gives the R&B crowd a place to call home. Its called R&B Live and it the crowd is great! Live band, great singing, soft lighting…just a place to vibe. Thats always a good thing. Its every Wednesday and the site to check it out is Charlotte just might be the next music capital.

  2. where can the music cd be aquired if one does not live where it is easy to go to music venues in the city?

  3. Main reason I called in was in response to the question of where these artists’ CDs are available. Manifest Discs is the answer! We do a lot to supportr the local music scene, too, and have a CDs by The New Familiars, Bayou Butch, Gigi Dover, Transmission Fields, and more. We also book many local musicians for in-store performances.

  4. where can I locally buy the seasonal compilation CD put together by CL?

  5. As Jeff mentioned in the show, and Regis has above, they will be putting more CDs into independent music stores like Manifest Discs and Lunchbox Records but they have been selling out pretty fast.

  6. The CD Release Party was fantastic last night! I was happy to see so many people come out to support the bands and the cd release…all the bands sounded great! I love the cd especially the variety of artist and music styles. I hope Charlotte’s music scene continues to be unveiled…thanks Jeff…I’m looking forward to your next compilation!

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