News Roundup from Gastonia

February 14, 2008 at 4:03 pm | Posted in On Air | 6 Comments

Gastonia MapFriday, February 15, we’ll have another in our series of news roundups with newspaper reporters from around the Charlotte region when we hear from Gastonia and the Gaston County area.  We’ll get an update of that region and take a look at some of the important issues there, like growth and development, the drought, and transportation.
Live in Gaston County?  What’s happening in your neighborhood?  What do you think are the important issues facing the people of Gastonia and Gaston County?  We want to know what you think.



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  1. Your intro quoted Mayor Stultz about perception vs. reality…

    I’d like to share my Gastonia reality:

    Cars vandalized more than 5 times.

    Wife’s car broken into two times at two different locations.

    My car broken into two times at two different locations.

    My office broken into once.

    Lawn mower stolen from backyard (thieves drove INTO the yard to get the thing!).

    American Flag and flagpole stolen.

    Landscape lighting vandalized.

    All of this has occurred since I moved here in 2002. Previously I lived in the Tampa Bay area for 12 years and NEVER HAD ONE ISSUE.

    Our reality in Gastonia is we have a crime problem, a drug problem, a school-funding problem, a school dropout problem, and a perception problem that THERE ARE NO PROBLEMS HERE.

    Despite all this, I love Gastonia…mainly because of the great friends I’ve made here. If it weren’t for the great people of Gastonia, it wouldn’t be worth the trouble!

  2. What about jobs in the area? Mainly about the manufacturing jobs that were supposed to be brought in by the defense contractor located in Ranlo.

  3. My perception is that there is a STRONG anti-immigrant sentiment in Gaston County, led (in part) by Rep. Sue Myrick.

    Now there is talk of a new “immigration court” to be based in Gaston County. I personally am in favor of a path to citizenship for unregistered workers in this country, but I can see how this “immigration court” might be beneficial for them (so they do not have to travel to Atlanta or somewhere farther afield). But if the court is just going to ignite further anti-immigrant anger and prejudice, then I’m NOT in favor of it.

    What are your guests perception of the atmosphere in Gaston County on the immigration issue? And on the “immigration court” specifically?

  4. I bought my house in Belmont 4 yrs ago. The exact same floor plan was being offered in Matthews for $45,000.00 more. Plus I got a 1/3 of an acre, instead of a 1/10. Belmont’s big issue is the property tax rate (basically the same as Meck. Co.) but without the same level of services.

    I consider the town to be a suburb of Charlotte. I have only been in Gastonia a hand-full of time. However, my former next-door neighbor had NEVER been to Charlotte in her 30 plus years.

    Whatever happened to the big housing development MontCross? You never hear of it anymore.

  5. Hi Mike, I live in Belmont and love the small town “Mayberry” atmosphere. The last thing I want is for our area to experience explosive growth and become the next Ballentyne or Pineville.

    Eastern Gaston County has water & sewer capactiy issues, school capacity issues transporation infrasture issues that need immediate attention.

    Gaston County needs to resolve these issues before they start courting major econonic & residential development projects. If they don’t the price will be paid in lower quality of life by both current and future residents.

    P.S. – Belmont actively blogs at

  6. Hey Guys – next time you are doing an east-side roundup, you might want to take a look at the hottest new Internet property there – a social network for Matthews located at We have been in a “soft-launch” mode for the last week or so, but officially launch at the end of the month. We currently have membership that includes the editor of the Matthews Record; Matthews Mayor Lee Myers; several members of the Town Council; the Chamber; and many members of the local business community. I think it would make for a good “roundup” topic once we are fully release to the public in March.

    I enjoy your show! My business partner Don Grothoff was recently on an Average Joes episode.



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