A Purple State of Mind

February 6, 2008 at 4:36 pm | Posted in On Air | 2 Comments

Thursday, February 7, we meet former Davidson College roommates.  They met in 1985, the first year as a person of faith for one, the last year for the other – this produced many discussions and arguments their sophomore year.  After college, they lost touch, and when they found each other years later they never talked about those discussions until filming their documentary, “A Purple State of Mind.”  Join this discussion of faith, politics and lessons learned.
More information about the film at www.purplestateofmind.com.



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  1. I’m wondering how Craig Detweiler (and John Marks) would see their film fitting into the emerging church “conversation” which Brian McLaren was on “Charlotte Talks” last Friday talking about a little bit. It seems to me there is a new openness on the part of evangelicals (represented by Craig Detweiler) in talking with those who do not hold the same beliefs in a way that is not dogmatic and judgmental — without compromising those core beliefs about God and Jesus. Which is a stark contrast to the fundamentalists who prefer to stand there and throw stones at people. Is this part of a “new reformation” in evangelicalism? Or as Jim Wallis calls it a new “Great Awakening”?

  2. Yes, Steve,

    I definitely see our film as another aspect of the sea change coinciding with an emerging Christian faith. Unfortunately, so much disinformation has already been attached to that label. We’re trying to push the conversation past the polarizing
    “either-or” divisions that have characterized too much of our discussions about religious expression. Mike Collins did a great job of teasing out the nuances that we hope to encourage.

    Keep up the great work, Mike!

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