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January 29, 2008 at 11:37 am | Posted in On Air | 7 Comments

Brian McLarenFriday, February 1, we’re joined by author, speaker, activist and pastor Brian McLaren, who’s kicking off his 2008 “Everything Must Change” tour in Charlotte this week.  His tour targets people who don’t feel comfortable in a traditional church, have doubts and questions about God and Jesus, and those who’ve questioned their faith. 
Will you be attending “Everything Must Change”?  Have you seen Brian McLaren before?  Or read one of his books?  Share your thoughts on this topic in our comments.



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  1. […] OK you’ll be able to listen to the interview with Brian in the “Charlotte Talks” archives, as well. But do plan to tune in on Friday morning, and if you have any questions for Brian, call into the show at 704-926-9323 or 1-800-603-9323, email, or post a comment on the new “Charlotte Talks” blog! […]

  2. I’m one of the local organizers for the “Everything Must Change” event here in Charlotte. I’ve read a few of Brian’s books, including his new book “Everything Must Change.”

    I think the thing I’m most interested in right now would be to hear about Brian’s experience last week at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, where he participated in a Christian-Muslim dialogue.

    I assume this interfaith dialogue was a follow-on from the recent “Common Word” document issued by 130+ Muslim leaders to the Christian world and its Christian response (written by theologians at Yale) called “Loving God and Neighbor.” Brian was a signer of the “Loving God and Neighbor” document, and he’s been criticized by some evangelicals for doing it.

    Of course, Brian will be participating in another interfaith dialogue here in Charlotte as well. I know he’s reading a lot about this whole area and thinking a lot about it. I’d just wonder what his message of challenge/encouragement to people of all faiths (Jewish, Christian, Muslim, etc.) would be to toward interfaith dialogue. Why is it important? How important is it? etc.

  3. Can the dialog that will take place in Charlotte be purchased after it’s over (CD,DVD, or podcast)? Some of us have to work and will miss the event at Area 15, but feel it’s too important not to have some further insight from Brian, et al.


  4. Has the guest seen the musical “Urinetown,” the modern parable based on Malthus’ theories about the modern world living in an age of unsustainability? Humorous on the surface but chilling once it sinks in.

  5. A question for Brian is as follows: “Are you saying that we need to replace the core teaching of orthodoxy, such as the virgin birth of Christ, the penal substitutionary atonement of Christ, and the like in favor of a more civic Gospel, or are you saying that we need to rethink and revamp the civic portion of the evangelical faith to embrace a more environment & social conscience focus? I do beleive that the evangelical world has missed it on social issues, but I do think that it has been faithful to the core teaching of Christ & the apostles on many issues.

  6. I am Muslim American of Pakistani decent, and it was a pleasure listening to Mr. Mclaren. I think his way of thinking, his perception of our world problems and ideas are truly what would be of any broad minded Muslim. I am glad to hear he was at the inter-faith meeting in Switzerland. And if we have more people like him playing an active role, on Muslim, Christain and Jew front, we will have much more effective, compassionate, equitable and just policies around the world. As a Muslim, I have to say most of his ideologies and understanding of world’s issues are a reflection of mine.

  7. I, too am not comfortable with the war in Iraq. However, it pains me for those in the public forum including politicians who are Monday morning quarterbacks. It’s easy to see your mistakes after they are made but why keep harping on the fact that “I was for it at the beginning but now I’m against it”. It seems we want to flow with the tide; whatever is popular in the media is the in thing. For once, I wish someone would say, “I made a mistake”.

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